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Telephonic Interpretation

At Multilingual Endeavors, we work with you to ensure that our telephonic interpreting service is easy to use, widely understood, and available without interruptions. 

We provide you with:

  •  Qualified interpreters;

  • Interpreters available Sundays - Fridays; 

  • Connection to an interpreter within five (5) minutes or less;

  • Support for almost 100 languages; 

  • Document-able and traceable interpretation; 

  • Complete confidentiality; 

  • Compliant with government-mandated privacy laws; 

  • Call monitoring for quality assurance; and 

  • Customized service implementation at your location.


  • We will assign you a toll-free number.

  • You will  receive  an individualized access code. 

  • When you dial your toll-free number, you will be connected to a telephonic support associate.

  • The telephonic support associate will ask you to enter your access code.

  • After you  entered your access code,  you will be connected to an interpreter.

  •  It's that easy!  

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